Better Math Scores

No matter the age of your child, math scores can make all the difference. With RFK Math, the path to improved grades and test scores is made a lot smoother, simpler, and best assured.Matthew Nolan will sit with you to address all your concerns, answer your questions, and provide you with honest assessments and information. From helping with daily homework or weekly tests, to long term university math/science track planning and implementation. Offering the strongest SAT / ACT program available, we are here to help your family make the right choices and achieve success.


There are endless reasons why these test scores matter. Scoring high definitely sets up a student for success. RFK Math helps one be proactive, offering preparation that works best. We practice tests together in time, and you become the best test taker you can be, it’s that simple. I introduce you to information, and strategy as it occurs on the test in real time. My approach allows for natural categorization and analysis of problem types, methods and strategies through the student’s own experience and understanding. Every student thinks differently, we mold the best strategy for the individual. Successful testing ability requires equal parts timing, knowledge, and execution. Focusing on practice tests gets the students working memory full of the relevant mathematical subject matter, while remediating, refreshing, and enriching content knowledge along the way. We are constantly analyzing our timing, successful strategy depends on the unique combination of skills each individual student brings to the table. RFK Math knows the programs, has trained teachers, and written standardized tests. The in depth knowledge we share is inaccessible to most. RFK Math has had tremendous success improving students’ scores. Through guidance, practice and training you will have a new appreciation of your own knowledge and testing ability. You can succeed.


Having a mathematician with in-depth understanding of curriculum and testing by your side, passing your math class is easy, and excelling can be fun. RFK Math is a mix of experienced teacher/tutor/trainer, math & education researcher, and content writer. We offer you valuable insight allowing you to look at your math problems from more than one perspective. RFK Math concentrates on the big picture, conceptual understanding and top down problem solving, minimizing memorization. Much of today’s curriculum focuses solely on problem type memorization of algorithm, conceptual understanding allows one to derive his/her own algorithms.

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