4 Must-Ask Questions When Interviewing a Potential Math Tutor

Many students these days struggle with at least once subject in school, and for many, that subject is math. Fortunately, there is always the option of working with a math tutor for those who are truly struggling and would like to improve their grasp of the subject. Regardless of whether a student is having difficulty with calculus, algebra, geometry, or anything in between, the fact remains that there are some important questions to ask potential math tutors before choosing one to hire.

How Much Do the Services Cost?

Cost is understandably a major influencing factor for anybody who is thinking about hiring a math tutor, so it’s always a good idea to start by requesting a breakdown of the costs involved. Many tutors will charge by the hour, but if the tutor has to travel to and from sessions, he or she may also charge for travel time or travel expenses. How Will Tutoring Sessions Be Conducted? Another important question to ask of a potential math tutor is how he or she will conduct the sessions.

For starters, will the sessions take place in-person or through some kind of electronic medium, such as through online software?

Furthermore, what kinds of tutoring strategies will the tutor use in getting the student to understand the concepts without simply giving him or her the answers outright? How Available is the Tutor for Communicating? Not all tutors are the same in regards to how well they communicate with their clients. Some may only be available for help during the specific hours set aside for tutoring sessions, whereas others may invite clients to contact them via phone or e-mail with additional questions any time. It is important to find out what the tutor’s communication style is before making a decision regarding which one is the best choice.

Are There Any Guarantees Available?

Guarantees math


Finally, it never hurts to find a tutor who will offer some kind of money-back guarantee or something similar. For example, a math tutor might guarantee a certain score on one’s exam, and if the student doesn’t achieve that score, he or she may receive compensation for the services. Not all tutors offer this for obvious reasons, but it is an added bonus to consider looking for. From there, any student can find and hire the math tutor that is best for helping them meet their unique goals.

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