3 Signs a Student Needs a Math Tutor

1. The student has lost interest in math:

The remedial student who struggles to understand new math topics and the advanced student who has grown bored with classroom math topics will often lose interest in math. If a student who previously enjoyed math suddenly has started disliking or dreading math, it can be a sign that the student needs more engagement. Math tutors can engage advanced students with high-level concepts and reinforce classroom learning for remedial students.

2. The student’s grades have slipped :

Falling grades in one subject, like math, often indicate that the student does not understand the subject and would benefit from extra help. If additional support in the school system does not help the child improve his or her grades, then the student could benefit from one-on-one math tutoring. On the other hand, failing grades across the board can indicate that a student is experiencing personal problems or problems in the home. In this case, a tutor may be needed but it should not be a first-line solution.

3. The student is anxious or confused:

If a student starts to struggle with math, he or she can develop high levels of anxiety about math tests and quizzes. He or she might procrastinate on doing homework due to confusion over expectations. If parents or teachers suspect that students are displaying anxiety or confusion over new math topics, and a little bit of after-school help confirms this, then tutoring may be a good option. Even a few sessions with math tutors, can help a student who is struggling with math develop his or her math skills and math confidence, perform better on the subject and standardized tests, and gain valuable skills that will serve the student for the rest of his or her life. Struggling students can participate in one-on-one tutoring or small group math tutoring.

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